General Information

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Henrik Vering and Jan Ingemansen

Learning Goals


The student will know about:
  • Basic technical knowledge and skills relevant for photography.
  • Basic knowledge on studio related work.
  • Basic knowledge of the legal implications of photography
  • Knowledge of composition and aesthetic principles of photography.


The student is able to:
  • Adjust the basic settings on a Digital DSLR Camera.
  • Setting up basic studio setting including lighting.
  • Basic photo editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


The Student is able to:
  • Handle the process of planning and executing a photo session.
  • Process and adjust photos according to technical and compositorial principles.


You are to create a portfolio of 15 photos from the assignments you have handed in during the elective. The portfolio can be created in any way you want (a Flickr gallery, a Slideshow, a website etc.). But it should be suitable for a 5 minute exam presentation.

5 minute exam presentation

Present your photos, why you have chosen them and anything else you want to tell about them (technicalities, composition, story etc.).

Exam according to Curriculum

"The test is internal, oral and based on a project.

The exam starts with a presentation (5 min.) of the project followed by individual questions and discussion (15 min.) and evaluation and awarding of grades (5-10 min.). The performance will be assessed according to the 7- point scale.

A single grade will be given based on a general assessment of the product and the oral performance during the examination.

Details about the requirements and form applicable to the assignment can be found on the campus communication platform.

The exam totals 10 ECTS or 5 ECTS (depending on whether one or two elective courses are offered).

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for the exam = the learning objectives of the elective educational element as defined on the campus communication platform."

Exam Times


All assignments are all centered around you taking photos, processing photos and presenting photos

upload assignments

Please join this group to upload the assignments.

Help and meeting times

Schedule can be seen via Fronter.

Lecture 1 - Introduction to the course

(Monday August 31st and Tuesday September 11th)

Getting to Know Your Camera

Basic introduction to the Digital Camera.
  • Fileformats and creative modes.
  • Aperture, Shutterspeed, ISO,
  • White Balance, how it work and how does it look.

Getting to Know Your Lenses, From Wide to Close Ups

  • The miniture world of close up
  • Wideangle and depth of fields
  • The power of 50mm
  • The focal lenght between 70mm and 200mm.

Learn to see:

  • A Photograph tells more than a 1000 words vs. The photographs never tells the truth
  • What is a good photograph? what makes some pictures better than others.
  • The portrait, The family, The nude, The extended family
  • Still leben and staged photography between advertising, editorial and art
  • Composition: lights and shadow, lines and abstractions, black and white.
  • The animated photograph, GIF, Stopmotion and Loops
  • The illustrative photograph. The poster, the picture and the text
  • Your own portfolio on the internet, websites etc. How to find your photos in www.


Aesthetics of the daily life.
  • Upload 1-3 photos to the Flickr group.
  • Make esteatic pics from your daily life
  • Tag the photo: #assignment1photo
Deadline: Friday September 4th.

Lecture 2 - The obvious and the ordinary. Landscape, Architecture, Topographies, Typologies

(Wednesday September 2nd)


Evaluation of last assignment

Workflow and tools

  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Workflow, editing, Cropping and clipping, using the tools
  • Fileinfo, Tagging and Metadata.
Jan Ingemansens Lightroom workflow.

The obvious and the ordinary.

  • Arcitecture
  • Landscape
  • Topographies
  • Typologier


A serie of pictures taken from the categories.
  • Architecture
  • Landscape
  • Topography
  • Typology
Upload to the Flickr group. Tag #assignment2photo and with category: #architecture, #landscape, #topography or #typology
Deadline: Monday September 7th at 12:00

Lecture 3 - Mobile Phone

(Monday September 7th)

Evaluation of the last assignment

iPhone / Smartphone session

  • App’s and more
  • Online platforms, Instagram stars and Flicker heroes
  • Working with moving pictures, using the timeline in Photoshop.
Your mobile and apps:



  1. Take a photo with your phone and edit it in your favorite phone app to look as professional as possible.
    1. Upload to the Flickr group with the tag #assignment3Aphoto.
    2. Write in the description what apps you used and any other relevant thoughts about your composition and editing.
    3. Deadline Monday september 7th before midnight.
  2. Dokument tomorrows portrait session and make a short film comprised of still photos.
    1. Use your favorite video tool.
    2. Upload the film to the Flickr group with the tag #assignment3Bfilm
    3. Deadline Wednesday September 9th before midnight.

Lecture 4 - The Portrait

(Tuesday and Wednesday - September 8th and 9th)


Evaluation of last assignment

Introduction to the portrait

Introducing: Four genres of portrait photography
  • The editorial
  • The Personal portrait
  • The family and the extended family
  • Self portrait

Workshop with model

  • in the studio
  • available light
  • working with lights
  • working with flash
  • working with reflector


Three portraits uploaded for monday, plus one staged photograph of an object of your choice

Lecture 5 - Staged Photography

(Tuesday and Wednesday - September 8th and 9th)

valuation of last assignment

Staged Photography / Fashion, between commercials and art

Introduction to Staged Photography / Introduction to Fashion and Art Photography Working with packshots and mini studios, uptimizing your future web business.
The impact of Photoshop.

Lecture 6 - Photojournalism / Street photograph

(Thursday September 10th)

Evaluation of last assignment

Introduction to Photojournalism / Street photography

  • Reportage vs. Documentary
  • Online photojournalism, navigating between Soundslides and Text
  • The photographer and the word


Tell a story through your photos (1-5) and a short text for each photo (1-3 sentences per photo) - publish it online at
Deadline Tuesday 15th at 8:30am.
  1. find your topic for today - brainstorm
  2. make your research - sketch a story
  3. find location
  4. shoot
  5. work out the narrative with what you have
  6. Create story on
  7. Add your name and link here:


(Monday September 14th)

Lecture 7 - The Gestalt Pinciples, and Denotation and Konotation

(Tuesday September 15th)

Evaluation of the last assignment

The gestalt principles and photography, the message behind the pictures, Denotation / Konotation


  • The gestalt principles in one picture
  • One picture with konotation
  • One picture with denotation

Lecture 8 - The illustrative photography

(Tuesday September 15th)

Evaluation of the last assignment


  • The illustrative photography
  • The Poster and the campaign


Make a poster, combining text / slogan and image Topic will be selected by the teacher.

Supervision Day

(Wednesday September 16th)

Lecture 9 - Photography as a tool

(Friday September 18th)

Evaluation of the last assignment


We look at showcases and websites from varius photographers.
Photography as sketching tool, documenting your working process, documenting your final work / projects. Photography as a dairy, Photography as a Ideaboard, using Photography to build an archive / a catalog of ideas or make a book using Indesign or as a PDF


Put together your exam portfolio as described above under exam.