Name of the elective course

Future Prototyping (10 ECTS)

Description of the elective course

Two assertions about the future

  1. The public breakthrough of the 3D printer is only the beginning of a new, huge industrial revolution.
  2. We will encounter more (smaller) digital products in our daily lives in the "physical reality" - rather than on screens.

In the elective, Future Prototyping, we are getting ready for the future by working with physical prototype. We will be making our own 3D printed prototypes and we will work with technical prototypes in Makey Makey, Arduino and LEGO Mindstorms.
You can either develop an idea yourself or cooperate with students from the Entrepreneurship-elective about their/your idea.

Though this course the student documented the prototyping process with visualisation tools as stop motion, pictures, video ect.
Who can participate
in the elective course?
This elective course is organised for Danish and international students from Multimedia Design on Campus Køge, Campus Nykøbing and Campus Slagelse.
Teaching methods
You will be working with
  • 3D print: online databases with 3D models, generating ideas, design of your own models in 3D software (for 3D print) and the more practical aspects of 3D printing (settings, knowledge about material and so on).
  • Technical prototyping with Makey Makey, Arduino and LEGO Mindstorm.
  • Combination of physical and technical prototyping.
  • Kanban to visuel your own process in the prototyping.

We will also be working with technical potential and future prospects.

The Classes room will be our workshop, where we will play-and-learn on difference ideas. Individual and in groups.
Campus Køge.

Number of participants max. 20 students.

Introduction to 3D-design


Books (not mandatory)
The art of Lego Mindstorm EV3 Programming
Make: Lego and Arduino Projects
Arduino Projects Book
Henrik Mikkelsen and Jeppe Stockmar
The course will be in English or Danish - depending on the languages of the signed up students.
Deliverables and deadlines


Wednesday 23/9 - 23.59 (11.59 a.m.)

Please join this group to upload the assignments:
Facebook 46hMakers

  • Visual documentations of your processes e.i. stop motion movie.

Exam date

Thursday 24/9 between 8.30 and 15.

Exam form

  • 5 min prototype pitch (1-2 minutes to show the visual process, 3-4 minutes to present the prototype and the process)
  • 15 min examination
  • 5-10 min votering

The exam is assessed with a grade according to the 7-grade scaling. Your performance is evaluated against the achievement of objectives and learning outcomes of the Future Prototyping elective.
Learning objectives
The learning objectives comprise the knowledge, skills and competencies you must obtain during the Future Prototyping.


The graduate has knowledge about:
  • Fundamental 3d printing techniques - software and materials
  • Fundamental techniques and technologies - From idea to prototype


The graduate is able to:
  • Make physical or visual prototypes from ideas
  • Visualize the process from idea to prototype (storytelling/user journey)
  • Use methods to generate, develop and frame the idea and the process


The graduate is able to:
  • Acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of idea generation and prototyping
  • Visualize the idea and the process

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