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Hi guys!

Here is a description of the "Sketching Your Idea elective. Here you can read about the electives content, exam and learning objectives.
See the Equipment list here
See the Lecture Plan and Schedule here

First day:
We will meet up the first day 31th of august in room 304 at 12.00

Meeting time:
Meeting time will be 08.30-14.15 unless you are told otherwise.

Communication channels:
Fronter: For drawings, Illustrations, power points and other files, uploading exam links and files. The link will come soon.

Facebook group: Dynamic hour to hour and day to day communication, questions etc. ("Elective 2015: Sketching your idea")

We are looking forward to see you!

Katrine, Emil & Trine

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Valgfag: Sketching Your Idea
Coordinator: Trine Egelund Ammitzbøll Nikander (trha@easj)

Name of the elective course
Sketching your Idea – using analogue and digital tools (10 ECTS)
Katrine Mosegaard, Emil Ekelund & Trine Nikander
Lectures in English, supervision in English and Danish. Exam in English or Danish
Description of the elective course
You will master tools to communicate your ideas to clients and colleagues, helping you convince them about how brilliant it is. In this elective you will work from a creative idea to a finished graphic or 3D product.

This Elective teaches you to sketch ideas in different ways, by training your eye, mind and hands. You will learn quick sketching tools for brainstorming an idea. You will learn drawing techniques in using pen, paper, ink, and coal for immediate sketching. You will learn to use Photoshop and Illustrator to further develop your sketches, using vectors etc. Finally you will take your idea from sketch to 3D model.
Who can participate
in the elective course?
The elective courses are organized for Danish and international 3. semester students from Multimedia Design on Campus Køge, Campus Nykøbing and Campus Slagelse.
Own equipment
  • Software adobe package (Illustrator, Photoshop) and Blender
  • Pens, paper, drawing board, china or india ink, charcoal, knetgummi

See full list below

Resources from Campus Køge
  • Drawing materials & Croquis model
Teaching methods
The course will be partly based on giving the students a theoretical framework where they will be given the necessary methods and tools to carry out their new knowledge on a more practical level.

The class will be based on:
  • Dialogue on theory and methodology
  • Practical examples and approaches
  • Student assignments
  • Guest lectures from “real life” about ‘best practice’.
  • Workshops
  • Drawingclasses
Here will the elective course be offered
The course will only be available at Campus Køge.

Number of participants max. 25 students.
Books & Links:

Book: Graphic Design Thinking - Beyond brainstorming, page 16-26 & 68-73

Tracing Illustrator: __Link__
Basic illustrator training: __Link__
Illustrator CC: __Link__
Scan sketches: __Link__
Helen Bicrh: Link
Logo basics : __Link__
Logo features in illustrator: __Link__
Logo design illustrator: __Link__
Deliverables and deadlines

Wednesday 2/9 at 2pm
Upload 2x drawing exercises in fronter

Wednesday 9/9 at 2pm
Upload “Redesign a printer” in Fronter

Friday 11/9 at 2pm
Upload a self-portrait in Fronter

Friday 18/9 at 2pm
Upload your “Self-selected” work (logo or persona or 3D figure) in Fronter

Wednesday 23/9, 12 AM (00.00)
Upload your portfolio (The best work they have made through the course) and upload the new assignment from monday 21/9. Upload link on Fronter (Sketching→ Deliverables).

Thursday 24/9
Exam (The exact time comes later)

Friday 24/9 12 noon
Prepare your exhibition
Exam date:
Thursday 24/9 between 8.30 and 15.

Exam form:
5 min pitch
15 min examination
5 min votation

The exam will be held with 1 teacher.

The exam is assessed with a grade according to the 7-grade scaling. Your performance is evaluated against the achievement of objectives and learning outcomes of the Entrepreneurship elective.
Exam description:
Learning objectives
The learning objectives comprise the knowledge, skills and competencies you must obtain during the Sketching Your Idea elective.

The graduate has knowledge about:
  • Fundamental drawing techniques
  • How to make visual brainstorms
  • The importance of “knowing the persona”

The graduate is able to:
  • Make visual brainstorms
  • Go from a paper to a digital product
  • Present their own creations
The graduate is able to:
  • Acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of sketching
  • Independently use sketching techniques for analysing a market

Equipment list for the students

For this course you will need some equipment:

A Sketchbook - A4/A5 (if you have one already, use that)
A Drawing pad - size A3 drawing paper (ca. 100-150 gram). With a hard back, so you can use it without a table under it.
Paper for ink and watercolour - size A3 paper (ca. 200 gram). Either as loose sheets or in a pad. (min 25 sheets)

1 Round brush, soft (Suggestion: Lineo watercolour brush)
1 flat brush, soft (Suggestion: Lineo watercolour brush)
1 Calligraphy brush
Sizes as you like, but if you really want to explore this angle, buy more than one size of each

1 set of pencils ranging from hb over 2b, 4b, 6b and 9b or a similar range.

1 bottle China/India ink or tousch (30-50 ml) Black
2 jam glasses or other container for water

1 Calligraphy pen with interchangeable points. (min. 1 head)
2 Penol 777 (or something similar)
2 Uni pen 05 mm (or something similar)

1 piece of Knetgummi

Drawing charcoal (various densities, min 10-12 pieces of standard, loose drawing charcoal)

Shops that sell this equipment
Creas (Copenhagen) __http://www.creas.com__
Stelling Kunstnerartikler (Copenhagen) __

A lot of it can also be found in various online shops